Funbers (Fun with numbers) is a Quiz game all about numbers!
There are 4 main rounds of questions, 3 difficulty levels, as well as a Mega Quiz to unlock!
Think you know your Fractions and decimals? Reckon you've a wizz at number sequences? Either way, come and play! With a "Help!" page for every round, there's the chance to learn something to!
So come along and have Fun,.. with Numbers!

Hi I'm Peter Morgan, designer and developer of “Funbers!” 

I've made some other fun games to, please check them out on my itch page :)

If you've enjoyed this game, or would like to leave me some feedback, i'd love it if you could post a comment! I can promise i'll read and reply,.. well,.. simply because I probably wont get many :D.

This game sprung out of (and then spiralled in scope :P) from a module in the “GameDev.TV 2D Unity course”. I can fully recommend it (and all their other courses), if you're looking to get into Game Dev, or build upon your skills.

he 3 music loops used in this game come from this great free asset pack on the Unity Asset Store - Best of PDKmusic

All the menu icons, buttons and background images (paper lines and graph paper) was made using my new favourite tool – Shapes 2D

The Font is a freebie from DaFont, called Beth Hand

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AuthorPeter Morgan
Tags2D, decmial, fraction, fun, Math, maths, number, numbers, quiz, Singleplayer

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