My entry as a solo dev into the Kenney Gamejam 2021.
The theme is "Rotation". One of the rules is that all art must be from Kenney assets. 

In this game, sprite sheets from Kenney Assets have been jumbled up! You have to click on the tiles to rotate them around to their proper place, as quickly as you can!
Once you've done all 4 levels, you'll get a total unscrambling time! 
Redo any levels to try and get a quicker time.
Share in the comments how quickly you can unscramble those assets, and lets find out who knows Kenney's Assets the best!

Game design and programmer - Peter Morgan
All art and SFX from Kenney's Assets -
Music from Youtube Audio Library - Divine Life Society - Jesse Gallagher


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Very nice implementation and idea. You are quickly becoming a puzzle master game creator. These types of games a lot of people cant make or make well but you are making top notch games that I would play on a regular basis.

Nice job - I particularly liked the fourth level where you had to think more about which tiles were correct before building on them.
Has all the features of a complete game.
The rotations seemed to be random, I'd like to try playing it with the rotations fixed to 90 degrees clockwise per click as it would make you plan your clicks per tile rather than swear at yourself when you clicked once too often - both methods work though, maybe have both so people can compare the two methods.