Move the ship by clicking anywhere inside the arena.
Beware the turrets bullets, one hit will blow you up!

Press the Shield Button to activate your shield. 
But watch out, as it'll only last so long! 
Once it has run out, you'll need to recharge.

Use your impenetrable shield to deflect the bullets into their own power source. 
Once All turret power sources are blown up, the teleport Pad will activate. Enter pad to move onto to the next Arena!

Survive all 8 Arenas to escape, and win your freedom! 

Game Designed and Programmed by me,.. Peter Morgan :).
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All Art and Music assets from  Asset pack - GameSupplyGuy Space Ultimate Megapack -

Font from DaFont -[]=10&l[]=1&text=Shield

Health Bars - CodeMonkey Health System -

Development log


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Great puzzle game! With good learning progression and is fun! 

Thanks :). really glad you enjoyed it! :)

Thanks 4 using my game assets bro! ;)

Looks cool :) 

Absolutely my pleasure, and thanks :).