Push the button and Let There Be Chaos!

Simple rotating shooter game with a twist, a button shaped twist.
The game will get progressively harder until you die.. or you press the Chaos button (right click also works).
At which point a Chaos Event will happen,..
Shields, Weapons, Health might be effected.
Those Rocks flying at you might change size and speed.
You may even find yourself in another world,... who knows!

Complete enough Chaos Events, an get enough points, and you might get out alive.
Die, and enter the endless void.
Either way,.. will you push the button again?

This Game was made as my entry into Brackeys Game Jam 2021.
The theme - Let there be Chaos.
I worked on this as a solo dev, sourcing my art and music from free online sources, and modifying where needed.
Hope you enjoy this game!


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I was shocked that I survived!!
Its a fun game, cheers.

wooo congrats! :)

Thanks fo playing :)