Submission for GameDev.TV GameJam.

Follow Uncle Willys Journal to reveal his Greatest Treasure, hidden in the Gem Mountains!
Click and select adjacent tiles to match groups of 3 or more. 
In Gold Panning, match the Rock Critters together to clear them and reveal Gold nuggets. Match those nuggets to claim your gold!
While Mining in the mountains, match those Gems together to clear them. Groups of 5 or more Gems will turn into explosives!
Use these to crack open the Rocks that fall!


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Fun take on the Match-3 genre. Like how instead of the usual math mechanic that if you watch you collect all of the connecting tiles of the same type. The bombs/dynamite seem incomplete though. As you mentioned in another comment you didn't have time to get them to cascade.

Overall great effort and nice to see some innovation in a well worn genre.

Thanks a lot for the feedback :). 
I reached the point of going for polish over new features, which overall i'm glad i did, but cascading explosions needs to be high up on the future version list of features :).

Fantastic, I am not a big match 3 kind of person but this was fun, intuitive and really well styled. Great work, well done!

My only comment would be that I think the dynamite and bombs should set each other off if they are in the radius so you get a chain reaction.

Ah yes. On the list of features i ran out of time and brain power to implement. That and being able to double tap explosives to set them off in place. 
But something i'd like to get in a future version. 
Thanks for the great feedback!

I like the game, it's relaxing and clean. I personally do not like the fact it opens a wiki page on Quit though, I appreciate that it's original and thematic, but it makes it feel intrusive and "hacky". Application opening random stuff in my browser without asking is e big no-no imho. Totally not in line with the relaxing vibe the rest of the game has. Great job for the rest, and beautiful page =)

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It's the trouble with WebGL builds that quit application doesn't really work well (or doesn't for me). So i've been trying having quit link to a Wiki page for a way of exiting. I kept it in theme with it being about Gold :D.
But i can get that it might be a bit odd. 
I've taken that out now. Just seems to "freeze" up the game, but it's less intrusive :).
Thanks for the feedback!

I know what you mean about the quit function on WebGL... maybe a "goodbye" message to be triggered before the actual quit? (I mean, not for a jam, but as a general solution). Anyway, I am playing your game having breakfast because I remembered it being relaxing, so I would say great job =)