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Very cool game.  Fun little puzzles. Lots of flavor. The traps are cool. I love how you can push the zombies around.

Thanks :) glad you liked it! 
I'm slowly working on a bigger updated version of the game. Hopefully i'll be able to release it in the future :

Love this game, great work! Great take on the theme. Enjoyed the puzzles and the tutorial was on point. 


Really glad the tutorial section worked out :), wans't sure how that would pan out. Thanks for the feedback!

Awesome Game. Very fun mechanic.

Thanks a lot :). Glad you enjoyed it

That game is fun to play :)

Thanks :) much apreciated!

Wow, I like this! Very cool concept, nice visuals and audio. Good job 😎

Thanks a lot :), really glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing!