Becoming a Zombie isn't the end. In fact, it's just the beginning! The beginning of your new life as Zombie Employees!  Working together with your fellow “ Zomployees”, you'll ensure all our machinery is switched on, and stay on! No one operates a dead man switch like our beloved Zomployees.  All our Zomployees are equipped with the latest in glow in the dark Uranium rods! 

Welcome to the team!

Controls + Gameplay
Arrow or A+D keys to move Left/Right Spacebar to Jump Shift key (or Just Die Button) to Kill your current Zombie character, leaving the body behind.

Each Zombie can last for 30 seconds, before they expire for Uranium poisoning. Use their time wisely. Each level has 1 or more switches which need to be turned on (and remain on) before getting to the exit zone. Leave zombie bodies on the switches to keep them on. Watch out for hazards like spikes, acid, and more!

Known slight bugs or quirks. 
Occasionally the Jump button doesn't register while moving (not been able to pin down why, it's not very repeatable). I've left in the ability to “shimmy” up walls by bashing the jump key, rather then add a feet collider. I felt it added more fun to the game :).

“Dead End Job” was designed, programmed (and voiced) by me (Peter Morgan).  This game is my entry into the GameDev.TV game jam 2022. The theme – “Death is only the beginning”.
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Tile art assets by Kenney -

Zombie sprite and Industrial Traps by LarryIRL -

Music - Local Forecast - Elevator" by Kevin MacLeod

Text – Dead Font Walking – Chequered Ink

SFX – CC0 sources, mixed and edited by myself. 
Zombie voices by me :)

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorPeter Morgan
GenrePuzzle, Platformer
Tags2D, Cartoon, Funny, Zombies


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Very cool game.  Fun little puzzles. Lots of flavor. The traps are cool. I love how you can push the zombies around.

Thanks :) glad you liked it! 
I'm slowly working on a bigger updated version of the game. Hopefully i'll be able to release it in the future :

Love this game, great work! Great take on the theme. Enjoyed the puzzles and the tutorial was on point. 


Really glad the tutorial section worked out :), wans't sure how that would pan out. Thanks for the feedback!

Awesome Game. Very fun mechanic.

Thanks a lot :). Glad you enjoyed it

That game is fun to play :)

Thanks :) much apreciated!

Wow, I like this! Very cool concept, nice visuals and audio. Good job 😎

Thanks a lot :), really glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing!